Since 2007 records have been smashed successively, performances have increased tremendously and the Luderitz Speed Challenge has become a major event with major media impact. [more]This has progressed the “speed” discipline and has significantly contributed to further development in the Kitesurfing industry. The event organizers, Sebastien Cattelan (European record holder and GPS world record) and Sophie Routaboul (second fastest woman in the world) have here also realized the opportunity for Windsurfing to come back to the main stage and utilize this special location with the best of conditions to express the speed aspects of this sport.

The 2010 Speed Challenge surpassed all the expectations and is known around the world for breaking the world record 3 times during this event. Here Kitesurfing beat the famous hydrofoil boat record: L’ hydroptere (51.36 kts average on 500m), and became the fastest craft on the water (55.65 kts average on 500m set by the American Rob Douglas). We hope that this sport, which now makes its entrance to the 2016 Olympic Games, will stay alongside windsurfing, which now returns to the record battle thanks to the “Luderitz Speed Challenge” 2012 and the development of the new canal. Designed to provide ideal conditions for the optimal performance of these 2 craft, the canal will level the playing field between Windsurfing and Kitesurfing.

An artificial canal dug in the middle of the Namibian desert to reach new speed records in Speed Sailing. See this video>

Speed runs for Windsurfers: 4 November – 2 December

For Kiteboards: 3 December – 16 December