Despite having worked on the event during the whole summer, the organization staff of the upcoming European Funboard Expression (EFE) is now working harder to welcome, at the end of October in Six Fours, a great bunch of the best European freestylers. [more]As a final EFPT event has just been confirmed in UK, 3 days right after this 3rd stop in France, the EFPT stage in Six Fours is now considered as essential for many of the champions involved on the European Freestyle Championship. In addition to an impressive show on the water, the organization has also prepared a nice daily program. Another good reason to come and visit the beaches of Le Brusc during Thanksgiving holiday!

Top riders already pre registered!

By taking a look a the EFPT website and clicking on the Six Fours event page, the riders can get all the info and details to join the contest. There is already a list of competitors that have pre registered and it’s cool to see that we already have some of the best EFPT riders : the Dutch duo, Davy Scheffers and Youp Schmit (actually respectively ranked 1st and 2nd), the English Adam Sims (7th), the young German Valentin Boeckler (who already took part on the EFE in 2010), as well as the Italian Marco Livraghi, regular on the EFE! We also have some local riders like Xavier Frelin and Romain Le Gouez, who both already pre registered. They will have to face their friends of the ‘Team France Windsurf Freestyle’ headed up by Antony Ruenes (actually ranked 6th on the World Tour), Nico Akgazciyan (8th), Julien Mas (13th) and Adrien Bosson, the best local freestyler who won the 2010 edition of the EFE. But many days remain until the contest starts, so there is no doubt that we will see more foreign sailors on the list, as well as young amateurs coming from all over France, as the freestyle discipline continues to gain a lot of interest from the youth.

A cool program is on the way . . .

Since 4 years, the event’s program is evolving in a good way. Thanks to institutional and private partners who believe in the sustainability of the European Funboard Expression, the organization is now able to provide a dynamic program, day and night. Depending on weather conditions, with or without wind, there will always be some action on the beaches of Le Brusc ! If there is no wind during the day, we guarantee the show with hot and impressive ‘Tow In’ sessions, scheduled every day at 3pm. Also scheduled are ‘initiation to windsurfing’ open sessions, tests and demos of the latest windsurf and SUP gear from RRD, North Sails, Fanatic, ERD Fins and MB Fins, a big ‘beach game’ in partnership with Surfrider Foundation, two hot night parties in the best local pubs, but also a great night dedicated to the ‘Windsurfing Movies Festival’. It will feature two of the best windsurfing movies of the past two years, ‘The Windsurfing Movie II’ and ‘Minds Wide Open’. This night will also be the opportunity to award the five winners of the amateur video contest that was launched at the beginning of July.

So, what are your plans for Thanksgiving holiday? Do you wanna join us in Six Fours?

European Windsurf Championship – Stage of the European Freestyle Pro Tour EFPT

The final stop of the European Freestyle pro Tour 2012 will take place in Weymouth, United Kingdom from the 3rd-6th of November.

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