A group of Portuguese windsurfers is aiming to connect all the Azores Islands, between Flores and Santa Maria.[more]

The “Sharing Azores, Connecting the World” project was inspired by the Peter Cafe Sport Triathlon and unites five passionate windsurfers: Gil Braz de Oliveira, Armindo Furtado, Filipe Palma, Nuno Braz de Oliveira and Miguel Doria.

The adventure of linking all the Azores Islands, a Portuguese archipelago of nine volcanic islands located in the North Atlantic Ocean, is being completed in three phases, from 2012 to 2014.

“It’s a new challenge and it was never tried. In 2012, we’ve managed to connect the Central Islands”, explains Fernando Braz de Oliveira, coordinator of “Sharing Azores, Connecting the World”.

Now, the windsurfers will try to sail from São Miguel to Santa Maria. The journey will take approximately four hours to complete, depending on the weather and ocean conditions. The Azores are known for its strong local winds and tricky ocean currents.

The last phase is scheduled to 2014 and will get sailors connecting Corvo and Flores.