The second day of the Rollei Summer Opening presented by Volkswagen Nutzfahrzeuge welcomed the guests with a lot of sunshine and about 3 to 4 Bft. The promenade at the Brandenburger Strand in Westerland was crowded with thousands of spectators. As promised in yesterday’s forecast the weather offered perfect conditions for Formula Racing. At the and of the day three races were finished. Winner of the day, Sebastian Kornum DEN-24, JP, NeilPryde) finished two out of three races in leading position.[more]

An hour after the Skippers meeting, at 10 am, the competitors started their first Formula Racing. There were about nine to twelve knots on the course.  The race was dominated by Janis Preiss (LAT-23, GA-Sails) from Latvia and Sebastian Kornum. Preiss raced very smart and was able to expand his leading position. He finished the first race in front of Sebastian Kornum, Christian Justesen (DEN-26, RRD, Point-7) and Vincent Langer (GER-1, RRD, Point-7).

Unfortunately the wind dropped after the first race and the second race had to be cancelled. During midday the wind changed it direction and improved its strength. This enabled us to start the restart of racing number two around four o’clock. Helge Wilkens (GER-63, Starboard, Severne) earned the lead very early and dominated the field for a long time. On the last few meters he unfortunately had to let Sebastian Kornum pass, but was able to finish in second position. They were followed by Vincent Langer, Christian Justesen and Janis Preiss.

The third race of the day went to Sebastian Kornum once again. Janis Preiss could show off his hard training and finished in second place. Vincent Langer completed the Top-3 and was followed by Christian Justesen and Fabian Mattes (GER-202, Gaastra, Tabou).

In the Overall-Ranking Sebastian Kornum is leading the field with 4,0 points in front of Janis Preiss (8,0 points), Vincent Langer (10,0 points), Christian Justesen (11,0 points) and Fabian Mattes (18,0 points).

But everything can be changed on Friday, when we’re going out on the water again. The foracast for the Brandenburger Strand on Sylt promises good  conditions for both Racing and Slalom.


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