The Dunkerbeck European Speed Championships are over and the 2014 ISWC European Champions have been crowned.[more]

The racing was hard fought over 6 days with some very fast speeds of over 40 knots. The men’s fleet, was dominated from the start by Bjorn Dunkerbeck who had nine straight wins, with Anders Bringdal, Jurjen Van Der Noord and Serge Beumer all fighting for 2nd and 3rd place. Jurjen with his consistent high speeds came out top taking the second spot and Anders in third.

In the women’s fleet, Zara Davis was also dominating over her rival from Luderitz, Lena Erdil with 7 wins out of the nine and finishing 18th overall. Lena took second place from newcomer Anna Schindler.

The organisers were also keen to encourage all comers to the event. Highlighted by the fact the 3 generations of Dunkerbeck’s were taking part from Grandfather Eugene at 71 down to Liam at 10. The junior fleet and had an afternoon slot for them to race by themselves with encouragement from the crowed and the rest of the fleet. The clear winner was Robin Van Linden followed by Alexa Escherich the only junior girl and Liam Dunkerbeck following in his fathers footsteps in third.

The event was great success and a credit to the hard work of the organisers, race director and rescue team. They are planning more of these speed events in the future with the aim to have one on every continent by 2016. The Pro Am concept is designed to encourage more Windsurfers even with free ride equipment to try Speedsailing and rub shoulders with the legends of the sport.


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