From 12th to 15th of June 2014 in Tallinn, Pirita beach, a high level windsurfing and kitesurfing regatta will take place.  It is the fourth stage of the Formula European Cup, second stage of the NeilPryde Baltic Cup, and at the same time also the stage of the Estonian Yachting Union Olympic Sailing Estonian Cup. The competition will be organized by the club ‘Team Extreme ‘ in collaboration with Estonian Windsurfing Association and Estonian Yachting Union.[more]

One hundred participants are expected to the competition, including both windsurfing and kitesurfing top-riders from the Baltic States, as well as European and world elite. Pirita is expecting the Formula Windsurfing Class leader in the current world rankings, Janis Preis (LAT-23), from Latvia, who won the first stage of the NeilPryde Baltic Cup in Lithuania. In addition to Janis also Formula class Estonian number one, Martin Ervin (EST-2), who in the Lithuanian stage finished third and is currently ranked 15th in the world rankings, will be present.

The highest-ranked Estonian in Formula class current world-ranking is John Kaju (EST-24), holding the 12th position, and who at the first stage of the Baltic Cup in Lithuania finished fourth. Among the world ranking top twenty as on the 19th position is the winter surf Estonian champion Peter Kask (EST-12). Ervin, Kaju and Kase, with the help of home advantage, are determined to collect extra points for the ranking standings and to achieve higher positions. The main organizer of the Tallinn event, Erno Kaasik (EST-2), finished 6th in the Lithuanian stage of the NeilPryde Baltic Cup and is ready to offer the strong competition to the Estonian men, as well as others.  In last year’s contest in Tallinn Kaasik finished tenth overall.

Formula number one in Estonia, and last year’s winner of the Tallinn event, Martin Ervin said, “I was ill before the race in May and I did not compete to my best. I’m looking forward to the next week’s championship held in Tallinn, and hope we’ll have enough wind, and strong competition! I am in a good shape and the hardest rivals surely are Latvians, but also surprises could not be excluded!”  Martin, wisely, did not venture to forecast in which position he would finish.

NeilPryde Baltic Cup is an internationally recognized Formula Windsurfing class racing series that gives points in the Formula world ranking. To date in 2014, there has been one phase on 23–25 May in Lithuania and the series reaches the peak on 8–10 August in Latvia, where the Baltic’s best surfers will be crowned. For the third year in a row, NeilPryde Baltic Cup will have under the big windsurfing regatta three different windsurfing classes: Formula, NeilPryde RS: X, Techno 293. And for the second year, also Kite Race will have its points for the world ranking. 

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