To encourage participation in the event by women slalom racers, the organisers, Choppywater, and IFCA have agreed to give women a separate start from men and publish a separate ranking. [more]

This is in part a response to requests from potential women entries; and consequently it is realistic to expect the minimum required entries.  As a valid division women will receive a share of the prize fund as specified in the IFCA Championship Rules. The first competitor in the “women’s ranking” will be declared “2015 IFCA Slalom Women’s Champion”.  IFCA will not be awarding an ISAF World Title in the women’s division.
It has also been decided to drop the option to hold unofficial  “Ultra Slalom” in light winds; that is, slalom racing in conditions that are not suitable for championship racing.

Instead it has been agreed to allow formula racing to take place for those wishing to race in light winds. However, championship slalom racing will always remain the priority whenever suitable conditions exist. The IFCA Class Representative at the event shall always have the final decision regarding “suitable conditions”.
The Notice of Race has been amended accordingly.