Hello all, it is my turn, in 2017, to assume the IWA’s Presidency and I will do that with great pleasure.

The 2016 windsurfing year has been good and ended well. Despite the economic, political and social crises all around the world the windsurfing classes continue to work together successfully under the IWA umbrella.  In addition, the future is ensured through the Techno 293, which continued its global progression, and the T293 Plus that finished very strongly in its first year and seems to want to follow the pathway of its little sister.[more]
The year 2017 will be important. World Sailing has a new President; the Windsurf Committee and the Youth Committee no longer exist, and we do not yet know the major sports trends or the political lines. We will have to be vigilant to maintain life in windsurfing and its Olympic status. It should not be forgotten that windsurfing is the most affordable means of access to sailing.
I have been campaigning and working for windsurfing for a long time. I am now retired, and have given up several mandates in France so it will be easier for me to give more time than ever to IWA. Please do not hesitate to send your ideas, comments, proposals and … criticisms, preferably constructive.
Happy New Year all and I wish you a very good, and windy, 2017!
The 2017 IWA President, Marc Cardon