With incoming World Sailing president Kim Andersen

Seahorse: What made you consider running for this new position?
Kim Andersen: Sailing is a sport with so much potential, we are a life sport. But I truly believe that we can also be a global sport, one that is attractive to participants of all ages and especially the youth. But over the years there was a growing sense of frustration among our members – the potential of World Sailing was not being fulfilled. There also seemed to be a lack of clarity in the process by which World Sailing was making decisions and this was impacting on the commercial success of the sport. [more]
So a combination of these factors were my primary motives for running for World Sailing president, and I subsequently based my manifesto on these three areas which cover these key issues:
– Enhancing sailing’s standing in the Olympics by increasing participation and growing the global audience
– Growing the sport globally by offering more opportunities for participation and creating a competitive offering for youth
– Establishing a more efficient, trustworthy and attractive organisation by increasing the levels of transparency and accountability in our governance