The RS:Convertible Class, in partnership with the FFV and the Cercle Nautique de Loctudy, is proud to organise the 2017 RS:One Convertible European Championships. This Championship is the first Worldwide Wind Foiling event organised and sanctioned from international organisation and titles.
The Championship, open to all, allows international racers to compete through innovative race formats like The Pulsar (compact slalom), the Super 8 (long distance), and the Regatta (America’s Cup style). Courses are set up in a way that the on-shore audience can enjoy the races.[more]
The RS:One Convertible is a multi generational and universal Wind Foiling Class. It’s coming from the same Pedigree of the RS:X Convertible with more accessible features such as 7.8 rig for the men, 7.0 for the women, 7.0 for the youth boys & 6.3 for the youth girls (under 18).
Thirty four top world class racers from 4 continents mixing the new generation and legends such Olympic silver medalist Julien Bontemps, RS:X European Champion Thomas Goyard, RS:X Russian Champion Maxim Oberemko, PWA Windfoil Champion Sebastian Kornum and IFCA Youth World Champion Nathan Doom are battling hard to become the first European Champions.
The spot of Penmarc’h delivered a fantastic first day of racing with 3 amazing Regatta races and perfect off shore breeze up to 14 knots. Beach audience was impressed and amazed by these incredible flying machines. In the female division, USA sailor Farrah Hall takes the first place ahead of Maelle Guilbaud and Coraline Foveau from France. France also shone in the youth female division with Lola Sorin, Swell Chevalier and  Jamaine Carlotti. In the youth Men, Nathan Doom (FRA) claimed the first place while his team mate Dumond Corto is second ahead of Prior Erwan from France. In the Men fleet, Sebastian Kornum, from Denmark, demonstrated his racing skills by taking the lead, Thomas Goyard (FRA) placed second and Julien Bontemps (FRA) third.
The European Champions will be invited  to the 2017 RS:X World Championships to be held in the Azores from the 30th October till 4th November 2017.
Stay tuned for more racing action tomorrow!

Provisional results after 3 races:
Youth Women
1- Sorin Lola (FRA)
2- Chevalier Swell (FRA)
3- Carlotti Jamaine (FRA)
1- Hall Farrah (USA)
2- Guilbaud Maelle (FRA)
3- Foveau Coraline (FRA)
Youth Men

1- Doom Nathan (FRA)
2- Dumond Corto (FRA)
3- Prior Erwan (FRA)
1- Kornum Sebastian (DEN)
2- Goyard Thomas (FRA)
3- Bontemps Julien (FRA)

Full Results:  Men  /  Women