The only way to get better in sport is to start from yourself and this goes for winning in life – that is a lesson that we hope everybody takes home from this regatta.

The day started off with the class President Ezio Ferin having to remind the sailors to keep the event site clean. Not a pleasant reminder, but one that had to happen. The sailors collecting their leader lycras also received some garbage bags to go with them, so they could take part in cleaning the garbage left on site.[more]
As Ezio said, “The world can only get better if each one of us will do something good. Everybody’s waiting for somebody to do something. Do yourself what you are able to do and everything will be better. So, if you want to be winning in life you have to be a good person and do good things. Leaving rubbish is absolutely no good. So that is why we put the official postponement to teach the kids that it’s much more important to leave the area clean than to win a race.”
After the short postponement, everybody went on the water with high spirits to fight the waves and the wind. Two races were sailed in all fleets and the Youth Boy fleet will now be split into Gold and Silver for the rest of the event.
Not only the juniors and youths sailed today though as after racing it was the coaches who got a chance to show off their skills. The coaches race started right next to the beach in planing conditions and it was Poland’s Robert Pellowski who came up top at the end of the race.
He will have a chance to go on the stage during the leader lycra ceremony tomorrow, which will not start until 12:30, as the first possible start is at 14:00.
If you’d like to know what is likely to happen tomorrow, you should remember only one letter – M.