The Youth Olympic qualifier proved that the M course is an exciting option for fleet racing.  The youth and junior fleets in Lorient followed that example today with some exciting racing for all the fleets. So, M format for everybody. [more]

The fastest one out there today was Nocolo Renna from Italy, who sailed over 20 kts winning the day’s GPS speed challenge. A black flag caught him however in the first race and it was Fabien Pianazza from France who finished the day with two bullets, putting him in the lead before the final two days of the championships.
In the Youth Girl group the top places are more spread out than in the boys, but it is Israel with Linoy Geva and Maya Ashkenazi in the top positions with Elisa Jariel from France in third.
The Juniors is where Israel is really dominating however with 5 of the 6 podium spots taken by them. Daniel Basik Tashtash leading in the boys and Daniela Peleg in the girls.