Philippines, Peru, Aruba, Guadeloupe and New Caledonia were the most far away countries in this World Championships; French, Turkish and Italian teams had the most participating competitors.

It was a great satisfaction for the President of Circolo Surf Torbole, Armando Bronzetti,  because one of his athletes Andrea Cucchi has honoured the 40th anniversary of the club with the victory of the Master division. [more]
First place of this division is for the French Guadeloupe Jamaine Carlotti. 
Among the U-17: 1st place for Davico Ma (who also got the 2nd place in Youth) and 2nd place for the Italian Anna Biagiolini. For the U-15, the Norwegian Oda Sverre, while the Turkish Elif Ercan could win the U-13 division.   
(U-17) Guadalupe is still protagonist with Jules Loan who won before the Turkish Berk Ozcan and Nathan Westera from Aruba. Among the very young, Italy won the U-15 division with the Sardinian (Oristano) Nicolo Spanu, and the U-13 one with Matteo Azzara from Reggio Calabria.   
The winner is Laurent Giovannelli from New Caledonia and a beautiful silver medal for the Roman Marco Begalli.
This was the division with the most competitors and the 2018 Youth World Champion is the French Damien Arnoux. 
Second place for the French Basile Jacquin and third place for the Italian-Dutch Ennio Dal Pont.
During the prize giving ceremony, the president of the IFCA class (International Funboard Class Association) announced that, in all likelihood, the choice for the next 2024 Olympics in France may be the Slalom discipline, a great announcement and opportunity for all the young people who took part in this World Championships in Torbole.
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