Associacao Carioca de Windsurf in co-operation with Buzios Vela Clube hosted the prestigious South American Windsurfing Championships for RS:X, Techno, Raceboard, Foil and Formula Windsurfing Classes from 1st to 5th May. 103 competitors from 6 countries battled it out for the coveted podium spots. 

On the first day of racing, there was plenty of wind – 17/18 knots, gusts up to 22 – enabling 2 races for all the classes. It was a “perfect” day (even if the younger Techno sailors were a bit tired at the end).On day two, it was the extreme opposite! No wind at all!!! The Race Committee displayed AP over Alpha at 15:30. [more]
The forecast for day three however looked good. The Techno and the Raceboard fleets were out to begin racing at 10:00 in about 10 knots under a cloudy sky. Unfortunately the Raceboards’ race 3 had to be abandoned because an upwind mark was drifting. As the last Technos were finishing the Raceboard fleet were able to re-start in a solid 12/13 knots.  As the Technos and Raceboard were completing race 5 the Foil, Formula and RS:X fleets were called out to start racing.
On day four Techno and Raceboard fleets were out again to start race 6 in 15/16 knots of wind, a beautiful sunny day with some very high scattered clouds. As before, races for the Foil, Formula and RS:X fleets followed in the afternoon. A good day’s work with four races each. And day 5, the same format again, with three races each completing the Championship series.
RS:X Men 
ARG-3 Bautista Saubidet Birkner
ARG-40 Francisco Cruz Saubidet Birkner
MEX-11 Ignacio Berenguer
RS:X Women
ARG-36 Maria Celia Tejerina Mackern
PER-50 Maria Belen Bazo German
BRA-49 Bruna Mello
RS:X Youth Women
BRA-16 Giovanna Prada
ARG-400 Alexia Garcia Guevara
BRA-71 Barbara Pedregal
RS:X Youth Men
BRA-18 Marcio Pinto Junior
BRA-47 Guilherme Plentz
ARG-47 Nahuel Bobar
T293 u15 Girls
CHI-7 Matilde Lanz
ARG-114 Chiara Ferretti
PER-88 Luana Esculies
T293 u15 Boys
ARG-418 Matias Zavala Rodriguez
PER-41 Ignacio Rios
PER-38 Axel Silfverlin
T293 u17 Girls
ARG-317 Constanza Almenara
PER-82 Valentina Palma
ARG-467 Serena Valeano
T293 u17 Boys
PER-72 Rafael Llerena
ARG-1 Martin Reutemann
PER-45 Luca Lari
BRA-767 Mateus Isaac
BRA-6 Gabriel Browne
BRA-3 Marcello Morrone
BRA-986 Rodolfo Mariozi
BRA-406 Apolonio Carvalho
BRA-120 Andre Maciel
BRA-1 Yago Carvalho
ARG-355 Fernando Consorte
ARG-351 Fernando Olmos