After seven action-packed event days, the Whit Monday on Sylt marked the end of the Multivan Summer Opening during which the IFCA Slalom World Championships took place. After five slalom eliminations in challenging conditions Frenchman Basile Jacquin (FRA-498) secured the world title in front of Gunnar Asmussen (GER-2) from Flensburg and Vincent Langer (GER-1) from Kiel. [more]
“I’m really happy to have won the slalom world championship title. We had great and exciting competitions here on Sylt. My equipment was perfectly set up and it just went really well for me,” winner Basile Jacquin said after the award ceremony.
Also on the final day of the IFCA Slalom World Championships races were held. The Frenchman Basile Jacquin had already made a comfortable lead in the previous days, so that his overall victory was no longer in danger, regardless of the outcome of the fifth slalom elimination. The winner of the day was ex-slalom world champion Enrico Marotti (CRO-401) from Croatia ahead of Gunnar Asmussen and Vincent Langer. In fourth and fifth place followed the Norwegian Martin Moeller Hovda (NOR-41) and the Italian Francesco Scagiola (ITA-353).
The results of the last race had a decisive influence on the overall standings. The reason is the second discard, that applies after five completed eliminations. The overall standings are led by Basile Jacquin. He is followed by Gunnar Asmussen in second place and Vincent Langer in third place. Martin Moeller Hovda takes fourth place ahead of Frenchman Damien Cervera (FRA-422) in fifth place.
The IFCA Slalom World Championships were a great success for all participants, sponsors, the crew and everyone involved. Despite some extreme weather, 120,000 windsurf fans made their way to the official start of the summer season on Sylt. “This year’s Multivan Summer Opening was once again a great success. I am happy about the successful competitions and the great interest of the participants and the spectators. Congratulations to Basile Jacquin, the new Slalom World Champion! ” summarizes Matthias Regber as organizer of the Choppy Water GmbH.

The German windsurfers will return to Sylt again in summer. Then the German windsurfing championships will take place as part of the Multivan Surf Cup Sylt from 23rd to 28th of July.