The Multivan Windsurf Cup is the top windsurfing competition series in Germany. The LVM Insurance has been a partner of the Multivan Windsurf Cup for many years. To honor the great performances of the athletes, the main sponsor of the German top series in windsurfing donates the Grand Prix of LVM Insurance („Großer Preis der LVM Versicherung“). This is valued with a total prize money of 6.000,00 Euro. During each tour stop of the Multivan Windsurf Cup the top 3 of the first race of the regatta will be honored separately. The winner will receive 500,00 Euro, while the second and third placed can look forward to 300,00 Euro and 200,00 Euro respectively. The prize winners will be celebrated at a separate ceremony immediately after the race.

Special recognition for the athletes
“We are happy to further extend our long-standing successful cooperation with the Multivan Windsurf Cup with the Grand Prix of the LVM Insurance. Above all, however, we are pleased to give the athletes special recognition through the honor and the prize money. We have become friends with many of the athletes and we are always happy to see the LVM sailing stickers whizzing across the water at the events, but also at the spots around the world,” says Sebastian Wulff from LVM Insurance.

Additional motivation 
“We are delighted about the expansion of the commitment of LVM Insurance. For the first time, the LVM Insurance Grand Prix offers prize money at national tour stops of the Multivan Windsurf Cup. This is definitely an additional motivation for the windsurfers to start full power into the regattas of the top series”, says Matthias Regber from Choppy Water GmbH, which organizes the Multivan Windsurf Cup.

The highlight on the opening day
The focus on the opening race promises excitement. Because nobody can know in advance in which discipline the LVM Insurance Grand Prix will be awarded. So in the future, every tour stop of the Multivan Windsurf Cup will offer a real highlight already on the opening day. For the first time, the LVM Insurance Grand Prix will be awarded on April 29 at the opening event of the DWC Tour 2023 in Ahlbeck on Usedom.

The Multivan Windsurf Cup is an open series. Competitors from foreign countries are not only allowed but very welcome at the tour stops of the German top series. Many Athletes from various countries participate in the events regularly. The event setup ist bigger than at many Worldcups. In 2023 the series consists out of six events between end of april and end of august at some of the most beautiful beaches in Germany from Borkum island close to The Netherlands in the west to Ahlbeck on Usedom island close to the Polish border in the east. The registration for the events will be activated soon on the official website where you can also find all the dates of the tour stops plus further information.