The Multivan Windsurf Cup is the national top series for windsurfing in Germany. In 2023 the series has a strong tour of six events. Events are scheduled at some of Germanys most beautiful beaches from end of April to End of August and from Borkum island  close to The Netherlands in the west to Ahlbeck close to the Polish border in the east. With up to over 100.000 spectators some of them are bigger than many Worldcup events. The Multivan Windsurf Cup offers two separate slalom disciplines: Fin Slalom and Open Foil Slalom. Competitors may participate in one discipline, the other or even both disciplines.

In the 2023 season the Multivan Windsurf Cup is offering prize money for the first time at national events. The LVM insurance Grand Prix is offering a total of 6.000,- Euro for the season. The prize money of 1.000,- Euro per event is split among the top 3 of the first race of each regatta.

The Multivan Windsurf Cup is organized by the Choppy Water GmbH in co-operation with the German Windsurfing Association (GWA) which is the national class association for shortboard windsurfing in Germany.

Further information about the series can be found here on the official website:

The regattas of the Multivan Windsurf Cup are open. Competitors from foreign countries are not only allowed but very welcome at the Multivan Windsurf Cup events. Many riders from all over Europe participate in the Multivban Windsurf Cup on a regular base and  leading brands send their team riders to the events.

Attention! The maximum number of participants is limited to 40 riders per discipline for Foil Slalom and Fin Slalom and 24 riders for Wave. So don’t hesitate to register if you plan to compete in the German Windsurf Cup 2023!

The registration for the Multivan Windsurf Cup has just been activated. You can find it here: