The date and venue for the 2023 IFCA Slalom European Championships have been confirmed: Borkum island in Germany will host the event from June 7th to 11th. The Championships will include both Divisions: IFCA Fin Slalom and IFCA Foil Slalom. And it will be the first IFCA Championship applying the IFCA Structure for Fin and Foil Slalom. The IFCA Slalom Europeans offer a total prize money of 10.000,00 Euro.
„We are excited to host the European Championships of the International Funboard Class Association in Germany. This will be the first international windsurfing Championship after the COVID shutdowns. So we are looking forward to open the doors again and to welcome the top slalom elite on Borkum island to fish for the title. The local community is thrilled to host an international windsurf championship for the first time. But we have made already good experiences with the Multivan Windsurf Cup in this challenging venue. So we are looking forward to an exciting event“ says Matthias Regber from the Choppy Water GmbH which is organizing the IFCA Europeans.
„We are happy to return to Germany with the IFCA Fin & Foil Slalom Europeans for this season. Germany is one of the biggest windsurf nations and has a strong national series with the Multivan Windsurf Cup. Borkum is located in the middle of Europe. So people can travel easily from Scandinavia, Benelux and all Europe. We have a long lasting good relation with Choppy Water as organizer of windsurfing events. So the International Funboard Class is excited to have a strong 2023 European Championship in Germany. See you all on Borkum island from June 7th to 11th!“ says Ruben Petrisie as IFCA Class President.
The IFCA Slalom Europeans will draw a lot of attention. IFCA is the only body that offers separate disciplines for fin slalom and foil slalom. The participants may decide if they compete in one or the other discipline or even in both. So the riders may follow their personal preferences. So the IFCA Europeans will give Foiling experts the chance to shine. Fin enthusiasts may blast over the water and universal riders can have a double chance. Borkum will offer something for everybody. There are no overlaps with PWA events or other windsurfing championships. So all top riders have the chance to come to Borkum to fight for the European titles.
The IFCA European Championships on Borkum will also be a thrilling playground for the leading windsurfing bands. This event offers a unique chance to win two official European titles of an international World Sailing Class at one event. Some brands fully focus on foiling while others put a lot of efforts into fin slalom. The Europeans on Borkum will focus all this engagement in a great event.
Borkum is a challenging tidal venue. The Europeans offer two competition areas. One in on the open sea directly in front of the event venue.
The tides may throw strong currents and choppy waves as a challenge towards the riders. This venue may be used for the foil and the fin division.  But for the fin division Borkum island grants a unique highlight: Allow sandbank is separating a giant „pool“ from the wavy North Sea. About two hours before and after high tide this can be used as alternative area for fin slalom. With the right wind and perfectly flat water we may see some of the most spectacular fin slalom races ever.