The International Speed Windsurfing Class (ISWC) held its Annual General Meeting in La Palme, France, where the new Executive Committee was elected. The committee will oversee the Class’s events and strategy for the upcoming years. The newly elected board is comprised of legendary windsurfers and experienced event organizers.

Heading the committee as the Chairman is Principe Andrea Baldini, who brings his wealth of experience and expertise in windsurfing to the Class. Baldini has been a prominent figure in the windsurfing community for many years, having competed at the highest level and also being involved in the organization of several successful windsurfing events.

The other members of the committee include Antoine Albeau, Thierry Bielak, Christian Bornemann, Peter Davis, and Thorsten Luig. All members have been involved in the sport of windsurfing for many years and have a deep understanding of the Class and its objectives. They bring with them a wealth of experience, knowledge, and expertise in organizing events and managing the sport.

Assisting the board is the IWA Executive Secretary, Piotr Oleksiak. With his vast experience in the administration of windsurfing events, Oleksiak will help the board in the smooth running of the Class.

The ISWC World Championships are set to start this week, and the newly elected committee will be in charge of ensuring that the event is a success. The championships will see the fastest windsurfers on the planet battle it out for the coveted title.

With the new Executive Committee in place, we thank the outgoing chairman Pete Davis and those serving the Class in the past years. Pete will remain in the board guiding the Class with the experience he has obtained throughout his presidency. With this in mind we look forward to a bright future under new leadership.