In an exhilarating showcase of speed sailing, the ISWC World Championship hosted by Prince of Speed-La Palme, provided a memorable day in the history of the sport. Held since 21 April, the championship attracted 60 competitors from 2 continents and 14 countries.

The last day of racing saw 5 heats, including 2 in Windfoil and 3 in fin, with 25-34kts for foil and after 30-42kts for the fin. The ranking was based on the average of the 2 best runs of each heat, and the competition was fierce.

In the end, 5 World Titles were awarded, with the fastest run of the event being achieved by Antoine Albeau with an incredible 45.08kts on the 500m. Albeau was crowned Windsurf Fin ISWC World Champion, with William Huppert claiming the Windfoil ISWC World Champion title. Heidi Ulrich was named Windsurf Fin Woman ISWC World Champion, while Lucas Pierboni and Anna Biagiolini were awarded the titles of Youths Man and Woman ISWC World Champion, respectively.

The championship saw the participation of some of the greatest champions of the Speed Sailing history, including the 42-time World Champion, Bjorn Dunkerbeck. Smiles mixed with fatigue as the day progressed, and at the end of it all, the Speed Knights shone with an unforgettable light.

The organizer of the event, Principe Baldini, was awarded the honour of Member of Honour of the Sport of Aude by the Vice-President of Aude, Patrick Francois. Blanca Alabau from Spain had the fastest time for a Windfoiler Woman with an impressive 31.06 in 500m.

With the 1St Foil Speed World Champion of the Sailing History being crowned at the Prince of Speed-ISWC World Championship, this event wrote an important page for the ISWC. The championship provided a thrilling showcase of speed sailing and will be remembered as a landmark event.