Dr. med. Kirsten Thünemann is working on a scientific research project on the topic: Injuries and overuse complaints in windsurfing compared to windfoiling

Many windsurfers at the beach told her that they did not feel well taken care of with their injuries during water sports. Foiling in particular has changed the injuries that occur. That’s how the idea for the study came about.

Worldwide, there are no studies on this topic yet and it’s her  goal to use the results to develop specific training and prevention methods to better protect (foiling) windsurfers from injuries.

The study is conducted in cooperation with the University of Witten/Herdecke and is available in English, French and German. By participating, you contribute to gaining new insights into windfoiling, assessing the risk of injuries, avoiding potential injuries in the future, and making the sport safer. It takes a maximum of 10 minutes.

This is the link to the survey:


Dr. med. Kirsten Thünemann is part of the Society of Surf Medicine (http://surfmedizin.org) and plan a high-level publication of the study results in a high ranking sports orthopedic journal.