Today was the third day of the IFCA Slalom World Championships in Texel, Netherlands. After three more downwind slalom races, with 5 jibing marks, the German Bernd Flessner is still leading the ranking. [more]The onshore conditions with big chop and waves from all directions made it not easy for the riders. The race number 6 was scheduled for 11.00, but got postponed to 12.00, due to a catamaran regatta in the area. The Danish racer Kasper Larsen was the man of the day. With perfect jibes and awesome speed he was dominating the first two winners finals, which put himself overall directly behind the German Bernd Flessner on the second position.

The third race started with a delay, due to a broken rope of a jibing mark. This was not the only mark, which broke or drifted away because of the strong current and waves. The last race of the day was again won by the German Bernd Flessner, who maybe had an advantage being on the big board in the fading wind conditions. And Gunnar Asmussen made him a present catapulting after the second jibe in leading position.

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Today was the second day of the IFCA Slalom World Championships in Texel, Netherlands. After 5 races the German Bernd Flessner is still leading the ranking in front of the French Damien Le Guen. The first race was again won by Bernd Flessner. After an over early of Flessner and Asmussen in the second race, which brought a lot of discussion, Jules Denel took his chance an won the second race. Before the third race the wind picked up to over 20 knots und you could already see in the foreruns that Gunnar Asmussen had amazing speed and he won the third race, which let him climb up the ranking a bit.

Crash of the day was from the Polish sailor Pawel Hlavaty, who broke the nose of his board completely with a massive catapult.

Slalom Action Bernd Flessner and Gunnar Asmussen

Bernd Flessner, GER 16, starts off at the top of the leaderboard at the IFCA Slalom Worlds in Texel; Damien LeGuen, FRA 86, is second and Vincent Langer, GER 122, is third.

The windsurfers were early on the beach today and were looking forward to the waves and the strong winds. Today starts the Slalom Windsurfing World Championships. There are forty competitors in total. They will race in heats of ten competitors at the same time.

The weather looks good and the waves are not too high, says Dorian van Rijsselberge, Olympic surfer and broadcaster during the Worlds Slalom Windsurfing. These are excellent conditions for windsurfing, really the best you can have! There are a lot of competitors with equal chances to win, so it will be an exiting competion to follow.

The surfers will continue surf heats until Saturday. Then the best ten will compete against each other in a final match.