Yesterday (Sunday 1 July) ended NeilPryde Baltic and European Formula Windsurfing European Cup in Tallinn, Estonia. Over the weekend a total 90 competitors from 8 different countries competed.[more] The winner of Formula Windsurfing class was Latvian Janis Preiss (LAT-23), followed by French Valentin Brault (FRA-823) the 2nd and Joann Flevery (FRA-730) on third place. Women best trophy handed to Martha Ozola (LAT-140), the second was Estonian Maarja Kivistik (EST-209), the third Latvian Matise Vita (LAT-1).

Olympic preparation Techno 293 class was this time held with 3 different divisions: under 15 years boys (victory got Turkey), Russia were the best up to 17 years girls and under 17 years boys a victory for Belarus.

As a novelty this year, powerful kite track race on 2 divisions was added to this year competition – the two best were Madis Kallas (EST-43) and Heikki Gross (EST-22).

Tallinn races/results also affected overall summary of NeilPryde Baltic Cup series  – Latvian Janis Preiss (LAT-23) made his place to first. Martin Ervin (EST-202), former leader fell to 3rd place and comments: “Sure, I`m not satisfied with the results – wrong decisions at sea, fickle wind, and races with new equipment just didn’t work. I’m taking a break next couple of days, analyze what has been done and will pull myself together for NeilPryde Baltic Cup final stage in Latvia,  held already in August”. Second place of the series after Tallinn goes to Toomas Molder (EST-44).

Erno Kaasik, organizer of the competitions is satisfied with the event: “We were able to attract so many windsurfers and kite surfers from Estonia, the Baltic states and Europe. It was the first time when the kite and windsurfing regatta was held in common – something like that have not made here before. Feedback from the athletes did show that they were very satisfied. Over the years world’s awareness about Estonia (as a windsurfing and kite country) has continuously grown. It is very important for us to be trusted as an organizer of important competitions like NeilPryde Baltic Cup, Formula Windsurfing European Cup and RS: X Youth European Windsurfing Championships.

NeilPryde Baltic Cup/Formula Windsurfing European Cup is followed by RS: X Youth European Open Championships, which run from 1 July to 7 July.

Competition schedule, press releases, results and more:

Pictures: Liis Harmson

The top finishers in the other fleets

1st – Janis Preiss (LAT23)
2nd – Valentin Brault (FRA823)
3rd – Yoann Fleury (FRA730)
Techno 293
1st – Mikita Tsirkun (BLR714)
2nd – Artiom Javadov (BLR766)
3rd – Asil Erden Dalgic (TUR797)

1st – Ilona Grinberga (LAT18)
2nd – Maris Vigants (LAT123)
3rd – Rets Skrickis (LAT91)