40 competitors representing 14 countries and 3 continents have gathered  for the 2014 Gallipoli Youth & Masters World Championships taking place in Southern Italy.  The race area is directly in front of the Caroli Hotel’s le Sirene Resort, it is hot, it is sunny, beautiful blue water meeting nice sandy beaches . . . what more could you want? [more]

A little more wind maybe?  Three back-to-back races have been completed on day one in winds just above the lowest limit for Formula racing.  The course was a standard trapezoid with leeward gates for this first round.

At the end of the day Estonian Karl-Erik Saarm has a perfect score at the top of the youth leaderboard and this is mirrored by Latvian Janis Preiss with a perfect score at the top of the masters leaderboard.

According to Windguru, Wednesday looks like another light wind day but hopes are that the winds will pick up Thursday into Friday so fingers crossed!  Competition continues until Saturday 5 July.  Stay tuned!

Results after 3 races

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