2nd best for current world champions after day 1 at the Monsaraz World Festival of Formula Windsurfing . . .

3 races were completed for all fleets/divisions on day 1 of the Monsaraz World Festival Formula Windsurfing 2015 organised by the  Associacao Formula Windsurfing Portugal (APFW) in co-operation with, and hosted by, Clube de Vela de Lagos.  This is a perfect location for formula racing [more]with good winds and flat water predicted, and the organisers prepared a very nice opening ceremony – followed by a fantastic buffet.  “Amazing place, people and sailing club, and very very good food.”

A trapezoid course was set – Fleet 1 including the women and youths, racing the outer loop, starting first with Fleet 2 for seniors and masters on the inner loop.  As predicted, racing got under way mid afternoon in 14/15 knots and race 1 for fleet 1 was finished in 16 minutes.  The wind continued to build gradually to 16/18 knots for the next race then up to 18/20 knots providing excellent racing conditions. 

At the end of the day, 2014 World Champions Latvian Janis Preiss (master) and Estonian Karl-Erik Saarm (youth) both had to settle for 2nd best, despite each winning 1 race.  In the masters fleet Fernando Martinez, Spanish champion, put in a storming performance with 2 bullets and a 2nd place to place him top of the overall ranking in fleet 2. In the youth fleet fellow Estonian Tristen Kivi pipped Saarm to first place in the final 2 races of the day.
However competition will be close amongst the top riders in each fleet throughout this championship.  Stay tuned!
Top 3 Youth
EST-347 Tristen Kivi 4 pts
EST-226 Karl-Erik Saarm 6 pts
DEN-15 Mads Jepsen 12 pts
1st Junior DEN-35 Casper Jepsen
1st Woman DEN-85 Anissa Mohrath

Top Three Master
ESP-71 Fernando Martinez
LAT-23 Janis Preiss
NED-52 Pieter Eliens
1st Grandmaster LTU-789 Arvydas Moliusis

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