On day 5 here in Greece many competitors were hoping to get races completed in order to bring into play another discard.  Unfortunately Mount Pentelis, which sits majestically above Marathon bay, wore a heavy crown of thick black storm clouds. [more]

We were sent to the water at about midday where the youth fleet started race 11.  The RO tried to start the masters fleet, however the wind died during the start sequence.  Soon after, all but two competitors in the youth fleet were off the plane. The RO was left no choice but to cancel the race with FRA-10 unable to pump onto the plane only 50 meters from the finish line.  We were all sent back to the beach to wait for wind.
At about 4pm Mount Pentelis lifted his cap of dark clouds for a brief moment which brought a 9 knot breeze through the course.  We were all sent to the water in an effort
to get one last race competed before the 5pm cut off time.  However, the wind never stabilized and no more racing was realized. 
Final results stand as they were at the end of day 4.
An event summary, video and photos will be coming soon.