A busy fourth day of races in Garda Trentino today, with a shining sun and beautiful 14 knots south wind, the well-known Ora of the northern Garda Lake.  Finals started with very intensive but funny races for competitors.

Among Under 17 girls, the power is still Italian with the combination Speciale-Schirru; wonderful competition among Under 17 boys as well as Under 15: Marta Monge goes up again to fourth place. A Techno Plus Italian podium with Cangemi and Gallo, respectively first and second place.[more]
The Circolo Surf Torbole has livened up early this morning for first finals with the fleets split into Gold and Silver. Finally the day has started with a shining sun and an early but weak northern wind that complicates the end of first U-17 boys golden race.
But not for nothing is Garda Trentino called “wind machine”: at 13.00 the “Ora” started to blow well and Circolo Surf Torbole staff worked together with International Techno 293 Class, International Jury and Race Committee to do their best. With race courses ready for southern wind, priority has been given to Gold fleets to carry on with Silver ones of each category, U-17, U-15 and Plus.
U-17 boys
After the first morning race, with a lot of disqualifications due to false-starts, the Gold fleet races again in the afternoon with 67 competitors qualified after the first six regattas. FRA 38 Tom Garandeau leads (one – four – three), second American Geronimo Nores (twenty – one – eleven). Unfortunately bad news for the Italians Nicolo and Riccardo Renna. Such a negative day but the fight is however still open; Nicolo is third (seventeen – two – thirty-two).
U-17 girls
It’s always Italian supremacy in the U-17 girl class: Giorgia Speciale dominates with a series of first places, followed closely behind by her fellow countrywoman Schirru. Their advantage grows on Israeli pursuers: one – one – two today for Giorgia Speciale (SEF Stamura) and three – two – one for Schirru, 19 points away from the Greek Divari.
U-15 boys
Two races for U-15 Gold fleet and the usual podium: the Greek Kalpogiannakis at first place, three points away from the Israeli Zror and five points from the French Ghio.
Two Italians in the top ten: seventh place for the local Alessandro Jose Tomasi (LNI Riva del Garda – five – three); always better for the European Champion Edoardo Tanas (Fraglia Vela Malcesine) who is currently in ninth place with a third and a sixth in today’s races.
U-15 girls
No division into fleets for U-15 girls category for the smaller number of competitors: at the top the French Gerandeau, two points away from the Israeli Geva and four points from Wing (Hong Kong) at third place.
Marta Monge (CN Loano) goes back again in fourth position, which is only five points from the podium. Matilde Faccio, of the same club, is instead at eleventh place.
Plus men and women
In the over 17 division, Antonino Cangemi reaches the top on the provisional podium, six points away from another Italian athletes, Daniele Gallo. Third place for the French Hugo Mollard-Tanguy.
The women’s ranking is led by the French Le Joliff (one – two today), followed by the Polish Lis and the Mexican Aguilar. First among the Italians is Rosanna Stancampiano: fifth position for her at six points from the podium.
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Photo: © Elena Giolai ©CSTorbole